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Tutor With Paul
Tutor With Paul

Tutor With Paul is located in the Sanford, FL. We serve Lake Mary, FL., Deltona, FL., Oviedo, FL., DeBary, FL., and other Central Florida areas.  We help students, with professional tutoring, in elementary school, middle school, high school, and college succeed in various courses such as math, reading, algebra, business, finance, and numerous others.  We have : 

Math tutor: Basic math, pre-algebra, college algebra, and finance.

Reading tutor: Basic reading, ACT and SAT, and reading comprehension.

College/Graduate:  Finance, research, writing, and others.

Our tutoring services focus on helping students break down complex material into easily understandable segments.  From this, we then help students master the different segments to gain an understanding of the total concepts.  This may sound a little confusing.  However, this learning process may be applied to elementary school students learning in addition to doctoral students attempting to write a dissertation.  For more information on how we can help you solve your learning challenges, contact one of our tutors today.

Our tutors work with students across the US via Skype.  Further, we can help tutor students in person in the Sanford, FL., Deltona, FL., Deland, FL., Debary, FL., Lake Mary, FL., Winter Springs, FL. Oviedo, FL. and other Central Florida cities.

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Tutoring Sessions may be In-Person or online via Skype!

All Tutoring Is Completed By: ​ Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA.

Paul's Experience:

  • Currently, an Adjunct Finance Professor at a local college.
  • Former high school teacher for over three years.
  • Over ten years as a professional tutor servicing: Orlando, UCF, Winter Garden, Oviedo, Sanford, Lake Mary, Deltona, and Debary.
  • MBA from Webster University.
  • Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Management.
  • Member: Association of Tutoring Professionals.

Math ACT and SAT Tutoring

Our SAT and ACT math classes are conducted in small groups between 1 and 3 students.  Each class is two hours long.  In our classes, we follow specific, proven steps to help students gain mastery of the topics.

First, our tutor reviews a specific topic, such as simplifying polynomials, with all students.  Next, we follow up on the discussion by working through an example problem.  From here, we allow time for questions.  After the question segment, we allow students the opportunity to work through multiple issues focused on the topic.  Finally, we have a group discussion about the problems solved to ensure understanding.

These steps have been used by our owner, Paul Borosky, for several years with great success.  By following these steps, students can be introduced to material several times and practice using the concepts to improve the possibility to achieve mastery of the topic.

Finance Classes - Finance Tutor

Our finance class tutoring and other college course tutoring usually are done one-on-one with students.  We may help with Introduction to Finance, Corporate Finance, International Finance, and other common finance courses.