Completed Public Company Financial Reports by Paul Borosky, MBA.

Tutor With Paul owner, Paul Borosky, MBA., has written, or is in the process of writing, up-to-date financial reports on the most popular public companies in the US and around the globe. Standard and customized financial reports include income statement and balance sheet financial statement explanations and analysis, popular performance financial ratios explanations and analysis, company financial projections for the next five years, and stock price valuations.  Typical financial ratios reviewed in both types of company reports may include, return on assets, quick ratios, cash ratios, debt to equity ratios, and more. Also, all ratio calculations and formulas are included!!

Standard Financial Reports

In our standard financial reports, our researcher and writer, Paul Borosky, MBA., starts with inputting a public company’s financial information into our proprietary financial model.  From here, the financial model will graph financial statement trends, calculate common financial ratios for the last five years, and show revenues and costs projections for the next five years.

Next, our researcher uses this information as a foundation to analyze and discuss important financial statement trends and financial ratio trends in each financial report.

Finally, each report will include a tips and tricks to help you further analyze your target public company.

Each Public Company Financial Report will include:

  • Summarized income statement for the last 5 years.
  • Summarized balance sheet for the last 5 years.
  • Summary analysis by myself of important income statement, balance sheet, and financial ratio trends and other happenings.
  • Five year’s worth of over twenty common financial ratios presented with formulas, calculations, and analysis tips for each ratio.
  • Line by line description, explanation, and analysis tip for most financial statement line items and financial ratios.
  • Professional financial analysis tips provided in each section to help YOU conduct your OWN financial analysis!
  • Each section includes an “in other words” segment.  This is were the researcher uses plain English to explain finance concepts.

Price: $9.99

Customized Financial Reports

Need a Financial Report on Apple for the last two years?  How about projected revenues for Boeing?  Our Customized financial reports allow you to tell us what you would like in the financial report.  Custom financial reports are investors as well as finance students looking for in-depth, expert analysis on specific topics relevant to your needs!

Price: Contact us for custom pricing

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All Tutoring Is Completed By: ​ Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Published Author

  • Currently, an Adjunct Finance Professor at a local college.
    • Subject matter expert in Finance and Business.
  • Former high school teacher for over three years.
  • Professional author.
  • Over ten years as a professional tutor.
  • MBA from Webster University.
  • Doctorate Candidate in Management.