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Tutor With Paul helps elementary school, middle school, high school, college and doctoral students in in Deltona, FL. with a wide array of subjects such as basic math and reading to finance classes and dissertations. However, we do specialize in ACT/SAT prep, algebra and standardized testing such as PERT and ASVAB. For example, a popular topic covered in our sessions finding the slope of a line. A reason linear equation is so complicated is because of the numerous variables included in the concept. Further, each variable included enabling your equation also has equations attached to them. From this, attempting to teach the year the equations in one sitting can be an unmitigated disaster. Because of this challenge, our tutors often start with explaining simple variables of linear equations, such as solving the slope of a line. By starting with just one variable and thoroughly understand the concept, students can then start setting the foundation for grasping this needed concept.

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All Tutoring Is Completed By: ​ Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Published Author

  • Currently, an Adjunct Finance Professor at a local college.
    • Subject matter expert in Finance and Business.
  • Former high school teacher for over three years.
  • Professional author.
  • Over ten years as a professional tutor servicing: Orlando, UCF, Winter Garden, Oviedo, Sanford, Lake Mary, Deltona, and Debary.
  • MBA from Webster University.
  • Doctorate Candidate in Management.

Benefits of an ACT and SAT Tutor for Deltona, FL.

If understanding linear equations was not bad enough, our ACT and SAT tutors have found that some questions on the test require comparing two different linear equations to determine an answer to a problem. A common question for this situation is related to parallel and perpendicular lines. Our ACT tutors and SAT tutors are able to help students master these types of questions through an in-depth understanding of linear equations. Specifically, our tutoring sessions on this topic focus on the slope of the line. For more information on this, make sure to contact one of our tutors today.

Benefits of a Math Tutor

When students enter algebra two, they are often required to multiply and divide polynomials. However, thanks to technological advances, most students have not grasped the basic understanding and application of longhand division. Without this skill, multiplying and dividing polynomials is especially difficult. To mitigate this issue, our math tutors will often step back from this type of problem and dive into a lesson focused on helping students understand the various steps to division. With this foundational skill mastered, we can then show them how to apply the concept to more advanced topics. In the end, then only to have a solid foundation for understanding the vision of their able to apply the concept to advance mathematical problems.