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Tutor With Paul helps elementary school, middle school, high school, college and doctoral students in Winter Springs, FL. with a wide array of subjects such as basic math and reading to finance classes and dissertations. However, we do specialize in ACT/SAT prep, algebra and standardized testing such as PERT and ASVAB. For example, a popular topic covered in our sessions is grammar. Grammar is not only for English courses but for standardized tests as well. Because of the importance of grammar, students often seek our services. In our grammar tutoring sessions, our tutors often start with determining the understanding students have related to grammar. Once we have a basic understanding of their competency on the topic, we then explore various prepared exercises based on solidifying and expanding our students understanding of grammar. In the end, following the structure, students are better able to apply their learnings when reading passages and writing essays or research papers.

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All Tutoring Is Completed By: ​ Paul Borosky, Doctoral Candidate, MBA., Published Author

  • Currently, an Adjunct Finance Professor at a local college.
    • Subject matter expert in Finance and Business.
  • Former high school teacher for over three years.
  • Professional author.
  • Over ten years as a professional tutor servicing: Orlando, UCF, Winter Garden, Oviedo, Sanford, Lake Mary, Deltona, and Debary.
  • MBA from Webster University.
  • Doctorate Candidate in Management.

Benefits of an ACT and SAT Tutor for Winter Springs, FL.

ACT is broken into four categories, which are English, math, reading and science. In two of the four categories, math and science, reading graphs is a critical skill student need to have mastered. Because of the importance of this topic, our ACT tutors and SAT tutors spend significant time helping students identify common characteristics of graphs. Once his characterization understanding is complete, we then have students differentiate between the different types of graphs. The differentiation is important because graph structures are often predicated on different types of groupings. Once the interrelations are understood, students are then able to better answer questions related to the topic.

Benefits of a Math Tutor

Matrices often put the fear of that is into math students. This is because two different sets of numbers need to be manipulated concurrently. However, our math tutors have found that focusing on one set of operations, such as adding or subtract first help students become familiar with the concept. Once they understand the inner workings of the matrices, students can then move on to more difficult concepts such as multiplication and division.